Today, more than ever, it is essential for brands to diversify and be as close as possible to the hyper-connected Generation Z: livestream experience has become its spearhead. This direct chat between fans and brands is the logical continuation of social networks and blogs, already present for several years.
AKIUS was created with the sole objective of being the meeting tool in real time that knows how to revolutionize the Artists / Fans / Brands exchanges thanks to the massive use of mobile phones. This “Social streaming” revival undeniably appears as a new communication possibility for brands.
The opportunity to create a complicity,  through unique experiences with a real appeal, offering the exceptional, the new, and which really takes advantage of this possibility of reaching out to the spectator to take him along in a universe.
Brands like to say that they are “Love Brands”, and to make them even more loved, at AKIUS we also want to make them real “Live Brands”.
AKIUS therefore offers the opportunity to take a step forward in the conversation already initiated by the online presence of brands, generated by the interactivity between fans and artists giving birth to a whole new generation of creators, renamed: Live Talents.
AKIUS enables this natural connection between “Live Brands” and “Live Talents” through a list of exceptional artists.
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